Training and Consultancy

We provide a range of training and consultancy services in human capital development and management, project management, and business consulting.

Recruitment and Outsourcing

With the right talent, anything is possible. 

We provide HR solutions to corporates to fill specialised skill positions. We also work with non-corporates and individuals providing the best talent handpicked from a pool of candidates. We select, Interview, train and prepare candidates who provide our clients the best value.

Human Capital Development

We take responsibility for the development  of your human capital, building strong organisations. At UDS,we understand that the people that make an organization run are an asset that need to be invested in. If they can become more productive on an individual level through development, the organization in turn enjoys growth and productivity.

We help our clients build more productive teams through Human Capital Development, accelerating their business growth.

Real Estate Management

We broker Sales and Purchase and also manage a range of structures-houses, apartments and lock-up shops. We have earned the unparalleled trust and confidence of our clients in all our services, hence, the degree of  additional patronages that we enjoy through referrals.