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Unique Development Services Limited is a Multi-disciplinary solutions providing company with Flagship Professional Services of Marketing and Communications,  Human Capital Development, Real Estate Marketing and Property Management. 

We specialize in Digital Marketing and Activations, Strategy Planning and Development, Content Development, Branding and Brand Management, Website Development and Management, Media Relations, Public Relations, Human Capital Training and Development,Real Estate Consulting and Property  Management, And Advisory Services.


Why choose UDS

Our vision is to become a leading Multi-disciplinary Marketing and Communications Company in Africa by achieving superior customer engagement and relationship; strategically exploiting all aspects of Customer-centric road-map strategies that are creative, insightful and drive results for our clients.
Our result-driven approach gets straight to the point by putting working strategies to work; We evolve strategy quickly, transforming ideas into tangible and testable business impacts.
Personal Treatments
Medical Issues


Team of Professionals

Our work isn’t spontaneously done. We look for cutting-edge approaches and methods that solve problems in bespoke and unexpected ways.
Every member of our team is constantly engaged in discovering new ways to help our clients and our business grow; seeking ways to integrate the best and most promising strategies and technologies with tested traditional and digital methods and platforms. 


We provide Marketing and Communications solutions that translate from brand-awareness to audience-conversion.
Whether you’re starting a social media campaign, launching a product, organizing an event, or kicking off a public relations campaign, designing or redesigning a website, we can help generate lasting positive impressions that will ensure your brand is always raising the bar.

We design visually appealing and functional websites, print advertising materials, social media and email marketing campaign materials, brochures that creatively and clearly communicate the intended message to the target audience, billboards (digital and conventional), banners and posters that express clearly and creatively, their messages and drive visibility plus rapt attention for our clients.

Our unique range of high-impact employee personal skills development and performance improvement, and management development training- In-house or public; have over the years endeared our clients to us.

Through consultation and discussions, we gain a full comprehension of our client’s needs and from that point, the delivery of first-class services begin with the needs, goals and expectations of our clients shaping our meticulous and strategic approach.
We understand that no two clients’ needs are the same. Hence, we employ cutting-edge data insights to deliver top-notch professional services that are unique to our client’s needs.

Our team of content creators develop marketing and communication materials that are compelling and expressive. We craft your ideas beyond your thoughts and present them to your target audience in the most engaging way.

We take responsibility for back-to-back delivery of the recruitment process, tailoring the recruitment process to our client’s requirements and specifications. 

Our recruitment and staff outsourcing management skills enables us to bring our expertise to bear while freeing up the H.R. Department of our client organisation to concentrate on higher and more value-adding corporate activities.

Our Transparency and Reliability in offering Real Estate and Property Management Services in Urban and Suburban areas have further boosted the trust and confidence of potential Investors and Property Owners in us.

We develop and execute strategies that improve our client’s competitive advantage and satisfaction with our service-delivery. We ensure that our client’s goals are attained.

About UDS