Recruitment and Outsourcing

We take responsibility for back-to-back delivery of recruitment process, tailoring the recruitment process to our client’s requirements and specifications.

Human Capital Development

We understand that the people that make an organization run are an asset that need to be invested in.

We take responsibility for the development and recruitment of your human capital, building stronger organization.


We provide a range of training and consultancy services in
human capital development and management.
I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies.Lawrence Bossidy

Our consultants combine deep-seated knowledge of staffing industry best practices with an entrepreneurial drive to meet your workforce needs. From a single candidate search to a complete workforce team, matching each job seeker to the right opportunity.

Why Choose UDS

There are several things that help us stand out – and taking exceptional care of our talent is one of them. We offer training and advisory, and some of the best benefits in the industry. The result is a creative workforce that’s happier, more motivated, and well-balanced. And that’s great news for you.

Our Unique Services

We offer HR services including; Recruitment and Outsourcing, Human Capital Development, Training and Consultancy, and Advisory.

Finding people jobs they love.

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    100% Success

    Recruitment and Outsourcing 80%
    Human Capital Development 70%

    We put the Human in Human Resources.

    Over the years, we have mastered the art of matching the perfect talent and it all boils down to the unique way we build our network. We stand behind every talent we represent – because we get to know them, check their references, and vet their skills. When you partner with us, you can be sure we’ve done our homework to find the best fit for you. And to make your job even easier, we’ll take care of the paperwork and forms so you don’t have to.